Real Estate Closings

From start to finish, we handle all real estate sales and acquisitions, both residential and commercial.  From contracts to real estate closings, we take care of all of the details to make sure your transaction is completed timely and accurately.

Escrow and Title Services

We work with our clients, lenders, and agents to make sure that when you make a purchase, there are no hidden defects to affect you in the future.  We provide comprehensive title exams and title insurance to protect your investment.  We coordinate the entire transaction to the satisfaction of all involved.

Legal Services

Through our collaboration with Dufresne Law Firm, we provide our clients a one-stop shop for all of their legal needs.  Our attorneys possess the know-how and real-world experience to identify issues and resolve them accurately.  Our quick turnaround on succession and probate matters ensures that your real estate transactions are not unreasonably delayed. We also provide forward-thinking estate planning and real estate business development and strategies to help protect and elevate our clients.

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